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About Rischkopf-Antiques

Established 1981 – RischkopfAntiques are passionate about antique architectural elements and antique building materials. Some just have it.....the eye and feel for old and beautiful objects and materials....

Whether builder-owner intending, to implement historical architectural building materials, in order to renovate a listed building, or to place within a modern property, RischkopfAntiques holds a large selection of carefully reclaimed materials.

Admiration for individual materials from past centuries is on the increase, let it be through restoration of a listed period building to its exact original state, keeping to original guidelines. Or be it in combination with clear lines of modern timeless architecture.

Browsing the categories on the website from antique doors and front doors, over antique columns and original entrance gates and fences, you will find RischkopfAntiques offers a unique range of antique decorative and functional objects and materials, for exterior decoration and interior design. Be it for your listed property or even airy loft.

Feel inspired by the selection of antique fireplaces consisting of many original period styles from Renaissance to Art Deco, including suitable original antique accessories, such as fire irons.

Those who cherish quality and character, warmth and impact, of a unique floor will enjoy the large selection of antique wooden floors; antique stone flooring, antique cement tiles, and old original handmade terracotta. RischkopfAntiques provides thorough and expert advice on reclaimed, quality French parquet floor panelling, herringbone and French herringbone parquet, or just simple antique reclaimed floorboards. Contact us for professional advice. There is nothing, which cannot be accomplished. Best execution begins with a clear vision of what you want. See also examples of client installations on the site.

You may find a surprising divers, unique, collectible or accessory maybe antique piece of furniture which you have long been looking for, to perfect a picture. Decorative metal objects such as cast iron jardinières are waiting to be put into place and turn into flowering vessels, antique fountains long to gently dabble and plash and come to life. Maybe change the intended original use of an architectural sopraporte to a decorative solitary object. Imagination is limitless.

Our contacts range far. Should there be anything specific you are looking for and cannot find, we are happy to help.


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